We call our official relationships our 'Peacemaking Ambassadors’, and they act as our hands and feet on the street.  These associates are instrumental in in advocating for peace by getting the word out, looking for opportunities, and speaking about the organization and its mission.  Our Ambassadors have the authority to speak on behalf of the organization and its mission, and look for opportunities to create win-win scenarios nationwide.


We have three levels of Trainer / Speakers that are capable of utilizing our format and our curricula nationwide.  If you are an experienced trainer, speaker, teacher or otherwise talented individual in front of a group, and are passionate about our mission we would love to connect as our needs grow nationwide.


Become a partner in our mission with a generous donation!  100% of donated funds are tax deductible are and can come from any source such as individuals, family offices, other foundations, grants, etc.  Our non-profit foundation is always seeking for funds to be able to deploy in the field for trainings and other events.  Donations are also used toward the general mission of the organization, including operations, and as Grants and Scholarships toward training, and products for organizations; typically with a matching funds requirement.  Specific donations or Sponsors can direct funds to a particular project or area.  This creates major potential for PR, and goodwill.


Yep, there is a lot to do.  We are always looking for volunteers, interns, or the like to help this mission grow and be successful.  The experience is invaluable and would look great on a resume.


Our organization is run by a qualified Board of Directors.  We are seeking to fulfil a select number of positions from a diverse group of individuals, experiences, and backgrounds who are passionate about advancing our mission.


(Non-Profits, etc. Ministries, Police Unions, etc.) Partnerships will be crucial to assist with funding community events, sponsorships of trainings and community events, and in other collaborations to fulfil our mission.


We always welcome introductions and connections to organizations and their leaders who need and are ready for this type of training.  Law Enforcement, TSA, ICE, School Districts, and Security Teams just to name a few are targets.  Referral fees are available for booked trainings.