Jedd Hafer is the founder and visionary for Mission-Peace.  Jedd acts as the President and Director for the organization, guiding the execution of its mission, building the overall curriculum of the organization and building up qualified trainers to be able to multiply its effectiveness across the nation.  

Jedd HaferAuthor, speaker and Emotional Intelligence expert Jedd Hafer has been training educators and other professionals to keep their cool in intense situations for over 20 years. He is a national presenter for the Love and Logic Institute® and has trained staff in 45 states and 6 countries in skills to avoid power struggles, resolve conflict and prevent crisis. A Peacemaker his entire life, Jedd has studied the best de-escalators in the world to learn and apply the most practical and effective techniques in the toughest situations. Prior to training internationally, he worked with at-risk & gang-affiliated teens who were court-ordered to treatment. Jedd then took these skills into his new mission that he saw vital to prevent violence and save lives. Jedd has held national, professional-level certifications in TCI (Cornell University) and Trauma Informed Care. He has authored or co-authored 13 books and been featured in numerous national broadcasts and publications such as A&E’s Teen Trouble, Janet Parshall’s America and Men’s Health.