Paul Browning acts as the Community/Collaboration Lead Associate for Mission-Peace as a trainer and presenter.  In this role, Paul is committed to community growth - building positive resources to further the relationship specifically between law enforcement and those who they serve - by creating positive engagement and dialog between the two while putting programs in place to ensure community advancement and equality for all.

Paul BrowningPaul is a former 5-year professional football player and Wide Receiver for the NFL (Cleveland Browns & Carolina Panthers) & AFL (Arena Football League), and former TV color analyst for University of Northern Colorado football.  Now a private coach & position specialist in his home town of Colorado Springs, Paul works with wide receivers from high school to the professional level. Through his professional coaching, Paul works with today’s youth to support their development as young men & shape the future generation; helping them learn life values & lessons through the game of football.  Paul is a man of character & integrity and believes in passing those values on to others.  A leader of men, Paul was a captain and played a pivotal role in leading the CSU-Pueblo Thunderwolves to their 2014 National Title. Since entering the NFL, Paul made it a priority to reach out to the youth, speaking at many local schools about the importance of positive decision-making and goal setting.  Paul served as a longtime member of local community organizations ‘Kid Power’ and the ‘National Urban League’ and worked to create positive change for the youth in Colorado since high school.  Paul is a graduate of CSU-Pueblo and has a bachelor’s degree in communication.