We assist client organizations in their product purchasing for bulk mission-critical products and supplies. Our organization has wholesale access to literally millions of items through multiple distributor accounts, or direct to the manufacturer in many cases. We typically work on a bid process or a simple cost-plus basis on most orders.

Relying on our experience, purchasing power, time and procurement expertise allows clients to focus more on their own mission at hand, and leave the “buying” to us. From sourcing, bid processes, grant submissions, to final deployment of product - our team can be an incredible ongoing time and money saving resource.


ProductsWe specialize in sourcing and selling peaceful and mission-critical products such as protection gear, organizational equipment, office furniture, survival supplies, medical kits and supplies, logo promotional products and apparel, and many other items as requested. Minimum order qualities apply, and products cannot be allocated for specific individuals in regards to size or style.


In certain cases as approved by our Board of Directors, we have the ability to utilize funds from our non-profit Foundation, The Peacemaking Project® to assist in stretching the purchasing dollar of our clients. This is accomplished by matching client funds in some capacity. Clients must show a specific and directed need, and must apply through our foundation.


Four the past 20 years, our team has sourced many millions of dollars of equipment and supplies for US Armed forces, government agencies, and other organizations across the globe in peaceful times, and times of conflict. We are intimately familiar with budget constraints, bid processes, RFP’s an funds used from Grants. If we do not already carry the specific needed products or brands, or have the relationships in place, we have the sourcing expertise and purchasing power to negotiate best prices and terms for the benefit of our clients.
Assisting in the procurement of “Mission-Critical” products to support our clients.
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