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Mission Peace is a professional training organization developing effective communication, respectful engagement, and peaceful de-escalation techniques for those in positions of authority and the communities they serve. Designed and led by Founder and Training Director Jedd Hafer, our Training Curricula and Programs are designed to teach real, practical skills in a variety of disciplines. We are committed to offering the highest quality training in the nation, and guarantee practical and relatable material that is taught in a skills-based format.


After training educators and other professionals for over 20 years, National Love and Logic presenter Jedd Hafer assembled a team of elite trainers to carry our concepts to all audiences. These trainers have been hand-selected because of their professionalism, background and experience in training different disciplines related to our mission.


The Foundation of Our Training:

Our trainers employ a mix of strategies from several fields including Emotional Intelligence concepts and research psychology. We have honed techniques from top athletes and coaches, and emergency medical personnel, designed to close the ‘knowing-to-doing’ gap. For example, there are specific skills used by the best de-escalators in the world. We teach these skills and make students better at avoiding use of force, violence and power struggles.

Standard Courses:

We have several standard courses that follow a college-type expanded learning structure; from basic ½ day 101 level classes, to multi-day learning experiences and hands-on scenarios. Each course is engaging and memorable, providing practical skills. Despite a standard format, each session is semi-custom tailored to the individual organization to maximize its application.

Custom Courses:

Outside of our standard courses, we are able to create an entirely custom training specific to a scenario or organization’s needs. These trainings can be from 3-hours to multi-day sessions, or ongoing continuing education for onboarding new personnel.

Ongoing Continuing Education:

Ongoing training arrangements help with continuing education, onboarding new personal, and keeping information fresh and top-of-mind.

What Attendees Receive:

Clients are guaranteed to receive tangible, applicable skills that they can use immediately. Attendees are recorded in our rosters, and if needed, can be given signed and dated certifications of completion proving attendance in the specific courses.


Through Combined Experience:

We’ve been providing cutting edge training and evaluation for educators for decades and Mission-Peace is committed to offering the highest quality training in the nation. We guarantee practical and relatable material that is taught in a skills-based format. We make excellent use of humor and relatable stories. Attendees rave about the entertainment value of the important and memorable information they learn.

With Practical Skills Based Learning:

Many trainings in the industry are full of useless theory and very little “so what”. Far too many trainings are lifeless and boring. Our trainers use real-life stories and humor to make training memorable and relatable. We engage with the clients and know how to keep audiences actively learning. We teach complex concepts that are broken down into real, learnable skills. Our classroom-Style instruction is infused with specific triggers designed to close the ‘knowing-doing’ gap. Participants will get more than theory. They will learn practical skills to truly make a difference in performance

With Flexible Delivery:

We cover a wide range of topics while maintaining the ability to customize content for your organization. Our programs can be delivered to any size group, in-person or remotely.
Providing professional skills-based training for those in positions of authority to better serve their communities.
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